Virtual Information Factory

The virtual Information Factory brings up an IT engineer through information development practically.
It is the organization which offers IT service to the users of the world through a Cloud service.
Virtual Information Factory establishment step.

(1) Establishment of the local cooperation system with NGOs
Led by the target person whom local NGOs support in consideration of appropriateness in cooperation with the NGO staff
We bring up the IT engineer.

(2) Offer and upbringing of the basic level service
Through the offer of the information dealer materials service such as the microstock service to sell a photograph or an illustration,We learn a basic IT technique.

(3) Offer and upbringing of the applied level service
We build a homepage and a net shop while selling the goods which I produced locally through a net shop
And we learn an operative technique.

(4) Offer and upbringing of the high level service
We bring up high IT engineers such as the WEB programming through offers such as SaaS and development.
The first virtual information factory schedules Thailand.
We are fixing a Thai or Cambodia activist and the cooperation with the NGO now.